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Unleashing Connectivity, Entertainment, and Jobs

Unleashing Connectivity, Entertainment, and Jobs


Over the last twenty years, America’s cable companies have connected its networks to 93 percent of American homes. How did we do it? With the help of thousands and thousands of dedicated, hard working people doing a wide range of jobs.

In fact,?every single Congressional district in America is home to at least 300 jobs?supported by the cable industry. Pennsylvania’s 10th?district, for example, is home to 3,000 direct and indirect jobs. Minnesota’s 1st?has 9,000.

The cable industry’s story has always been one of growth, creativity, and innovation. Millions of consumers are able to work, get an education, start a business, and connect with each other thanks to the rapid expansion of our fast, robust internet networks. And for decades, our TV programming and the technologies that run it have entertained and inspired the world.

Billions of dollars annually are being invested to improve the speed and capacity of networks. And, billions more are creating the celebrated shows and TV Everywhere services so viewers can enjoy their favorite entertainment anytime and anywhere.

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